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Steve Jobs once said, “You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards.” And that’s exactly what the Deconstructing Success podcast does each week when host Chris Winfield interviews top entrepreneurs, writers, artists and business people from around the world. Discover the real story of how they “made it” and how they actually work, earn money, have fun and live their lives. Learn about their exact habits, daily routines, productivity hacks and secrets are and get actionable advice, takeaways and actions to apply and try them in your own life.
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Jan 31, 2017

Ever since she was a little girl growing, Luisa Zhou wanted to be the CEO of a major corporation. She just knew that the power, the money, the prestige that came with this would make her happy.

As a young adult, she began to climb the corporate ladder and said “...on the outside, things looked good. I had a great job and a great salary, but the truth was, I wanted more.”

What was the 'MORE' that this self-described introvert was searching for?

Afterall, she’d been an International Space Station engineer, a mobile payments start-up co-founder, and a digital advertising manager for companies looking to fuel their marketing with artificial intelligence.

She wanted to to start her own business but… she had to overcome the fears that were holding her back. The fear of failing, of giving up the safety and prestige of her corporate life.

One day she asked herself a question that would change her life…


Why not me? Why not now? What’s the worst that could happen?

She began to embrace this 'why not mentality'...

She got comfortable with being uncomfortable. She faced her fears and went from employee to entrepreneur.

In this interview, she breaks it all down and walks us through her journey:

  • How her first group coaching program launch went from a complete bust to a six-figure success.
  • How she used Facebook challenges to grow her business.
  • And  the EXACT steps she took to generate over $800K in sales in her first course launch!

Best of all, you’ll discover how embracing Luisa’s “Why Not?” mentality can help you to go BIG and take massive action!

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