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Steve Jobs once said, “You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards.” And that’s exactly what the Deconstructing Success podcast does each week when host Chris Winfield interviews top entrepreneurs, writers, artists and business people from around the world. Discover the real story of how they “made it” and how they actually work, earn money, have fun and live their lives. Learn about their exact habits, daily routines, productivity hacks and secrets are and get actionable advice, takeaways and actions to apply and try them in your own life.
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Sep 14, 2016

I hereby solemnly declare never to freeze in fear, sit in utter despair, or move from foot to foot like a 3 year old on the verge of an “accident” when faced with an email, sales page or Facebook post.

I refuse to smile needlessly, play nice hopelessly, give in uselessly…in the hopes that if they like me enough, they might open their wallets for me.

I am a persuasion revolutionary and I use psychology of persuasion to win hearts, minds and wallets of my audience.”

Thousands and thousands of people have taken this oath and are loyal "soldiers" in the Persuasion Revolution.

Ready to meet the person who has somehow made the science and psychology "sexy, classy and fun"?

Bushra Azhar is one of the world’s leading authorities in the science of persuasion or as she puts it:

“...helping the frustrated, the lost and the uber confused; bulldoze their way through counter-arguments and objections effortlessly and gracefully (like a ballerina on roller-skates).”

Bushra is outspoken, bold, funny, direct and super passionate.

Now here’s the interesting part...

...she grew up as army brat in a culture that favored “pretty little boys” and definitely not bold, outspoken women.

And since she certainly wasn't a "pretty little boy" she made a decision early on to overcome these shackles and in turn used this as motivation to carve her own path and discarding the labels and limitation that others put on her.

Was it easy? Nope.

Did she fail? Yep.

Did that stop here? Nope!

In fact, at one during our interview Bushra said something that led me to rethink what failure (or success) really mean:

"I failed a lot. I just don't label it as a failure. For me it all boils down to the self-imposed labels that people tell themselves."

Find out what she means and get the full story (and so much more) right here in my interview with Bushra in Episode #8 of Deconstructing Success.

Some of the big things you’ll learn from Bushra in this "hilariously informative" interview are:

  • Why she was living a “double-life” and how her husband reacted when he found out.
  • How Bushra "themes her days" for maximum efficiency and uses personal “intention” challenges to reach her goals.
  • The simple “BS detection system” Bushra deploys to suss out fakes online and in real life.
  • How to convince your boss to give you a raise, get a customer to buy or get your kid to clean their room by leveraging persuasion principles.
  • What the “8 Most Powerful Persuasion Switches" are and learn Bushra's step-by-step framework to use them in your business and personal life right away!

We'll cover all of that (and so much more) in this exclusive interview with Bushra Azhar in Episode #8!

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