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Steve Jobs once said, “You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards.” And that’s exactly what the Deconstructing Success podcast does each week when host Chris Winfield interviews top entrepreneurs, writers, artists and business people from around the world. Discover the real story of how they “made it” and how they actually work, earn money, have fun and live their lives. Learn about their exact habits, daily routines, productivity hacks and secrets are and get actionable advice, takeaways and actions to apply and try them in your own life.
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Aug 3, 2016

4 friends dreamed of attracting 30,000 attendees to their new music festival (which would have been an incredible success for them.)

When they put tickets on sale for the first “Bonnarroo” festival they CRUSHED their own lofty expectations and sold 70,000 tickets in a few short weeks...with no advertising!

Today, Bonnaroo is annual festival experience unlike any other, uniting 100,000 people in a community defined by immersive participation, boundless positivity, and pure self-expression.

In this episode of Deconstructing Success, you'll discover the “special sauce” behind the success of Bonaroo and my guest Rich Goodstone (hint: it’s all about your "frame of mind.”)

Dreaming big, working hard and believing that he will succeed is the framework behind everything that today’s guest has built.

I was first introduced to Rich Goodstone by one of my best friends and I was instantly drawn into his obvious hunger for learning and becoming a better person. I liked him right away.

And since that time, he has been someone that I’ve constantly turned to when I needed a reminder about the importance of doing the “next right thing”. Or a reminder about the importance of staying humble...staying true to yourself, to your ideals...and always improving.

We’ll cover all of that (and so much more) in this exclusive interview with Rich Goodstone in Episode #3!

5 Things You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Rich reacted when 70,000 tickets for Bonnaroo’s first festival sold out in a few weeks.
  • Why he believes that the more digital the world gets, the more people crave physical interaction...and what that means for businesses.
  • The habits and mindsets that keep Rich balanced each day...through the good stuff (like when a multi-billion dollar company buys a majority stake in one of your festivals)...and also the challenging times (when a new launch doesn’t meet your expectations).
  • The traits that the most successful people he’s ever met (celebrities, world leaders and entrepreneurs) all have in common.
  • His recipe for success is simple--but not necessarily easy. And a great piece of wisdom from Henry Ford gets revisited.

5 Questions I Ask Rich:

  • How do you define success? And has your definition evolved over the years?
  • How does your life change when you achieve your "stretch" goals?
  • What are the questions you need to be asking yourself in the first place to get to where you want to go to?
  • How do you "get through" the down times in life and still stick to what you believe...and what you want?
  • What was the last major disappointment you experienced? What did you learn from it?

5 Fast Facts About Rich Goodstone:

  • Rich oversees Superfly’s award-winning agency services and he’s responsible for developing and overseeing revenue sources for Superfly’s landmark festivals.
  • He’s a frequent speaker at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world including the “invite only” PTTOW summit alongside people like Quincy Jones, Shaun White, David Blaine, and even the Dalai Lama.
  • In 2004, Rolling Stone named Bonarroo as "One of the Fifty Moments to Change the History of Rock n Roll".
  • Among the wide range of artists who have graced the Bonnaroo stages are Radiohead, Kanye West, Elton John, the Beastie Boys, Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, Bruce Springsteen, and countless other legends.
  • In 2015, Live Nation announced it had acquired a controlling interest in Bonnaroo and "The Farm," its 750-acre site, for an undisclosed figure.

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