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Steve Jobs once said, “You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards.” And that’s exactly what the Deconstructing Success podcast does each week when host Chris Winfield interviews top entrepreneurs, writers, artists and business people from around the world. Discover the real story of how they “made it” and how they actually work, earn money, have fun and live their lives. Learn about their exact habits, daily routines, productivity hacks and secrets are and get actionable advice, takeaways and actions to apply and try them in your own life.
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Sep 7, 2016

He dropped out of law school in 2012 to start his first business. He was scared. He had doubts...lots of them.

But he kept taking action (most of the time, before he was ready). Things slowly moved along...

Then, in early 2013, he got a call that no one ever wants to receive. His younger brother had passed away suddenly.

He was crushed. And even though he didn’t know it at the time, that was the turning point in this young man’s life…

On that day back in 2013, Navid Moazzez made a pledge to himself, his brother and his whole family that he was going to make his business matter what it took.

Fast forward to today, Navid is the leading authority on helping businesses create, promote & profit from virtual summits to skyrocket their business and brand online. did a young man from Sweden with no experience, no connections and lots of fear & doubt become “the guy” for one of the hottest and most effective forms of online marketing in the world today?

You'll get the full story (and so much more) right here in my interview with Navid in Episode #7 of Deconstructing Success.

Some of the big things you’ll learn in this "non-stop learning session" interview are:

  • How Navid “fails forward fast”; the reason he loves being told NO; and why you should thank your critics.
  • Learn exactly what a virtual summit is; how anyone (in any business or niche) can leverage this powerful tactic; and get the step-by-step process Navid follows for his own events and with his clients.
  • The exact ways he connected with them and built relationships with people like best-selling authors Robert Greene, Cal Newport & David Meerman Scott.
  • What “hustle” really means (hint: it's not just about "business").
  • Discover how Navid sets goals, decides what to work on each day and keeps his mind clear so he can get more accomplished.

We'll cover all of that (and so much more) in this exclusive interview with Navid Moazzez in Episode #7!

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